What is Monocura?

Monocura (Latin for "single solution”) is a suite of software products adapted to empower any business operating a mobile work force with integrated solutions for booking, dispatch, pricing, billing and Customer Relations Management (CRM). The system reduces waste, lifts productivity and takes the grind out of scheduling. Monocura is a “white label” application that allows you to allocate tasks fairly, transparently, instantly - according to whatever principle your business has chosen (e.g. next in line, cheapest, best fit, territory owner). The on-line tools allow users to offload a task when an operator is double booked and to effortlessly back-fill a vacant slot when a customer cancels at short notice. The platform is data rich, giving your dispatch team access to a source of truth to make rapid decisions, as your demand patterns and service availability change from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.


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About Cloud Monkey

It is our goal to supply your mobile workforce with systems that replace scowls with smiles, chaos with order, loss with profit.
The dispatch platform of your business must “start first time, every time”. Monocura has evolved by continues improvement through five generations and three code languages, to produce a battle hardened solution. The technology on which Monocura is built has dispatched over a million discrete jobs and payment instructions over the past five years.
Transparent and defensible
The way in which tasks are offered to a network can cause disputes between a call centre and drivers or service providers. Doubt about whether the dispatcher is “playing favourites” can undermine team esprit. Weak systems also make it hard to defend your team against unfair criticism or even litigation. Monocura reduces those risks by automating the dispatch of routine jobs. The system is data rich, leaving a trail of facts, including when the job was booked and accepted, whether the address/time/job details were entered correctly by the customer or dispatch operator – even route taken and speed of vehicle. Monocura strengthens your hand when a dispute arises but, more importantly, removes much of the doubt and suspicion that cause disputes in the first place.
Reduced cost
Our customers are demanding more value for less money. We assume yours are the same. Monocura is unashamedly a low cost solution. It is our goal to ensure that price is never an obstacle to embracing Monocura. When viewed against the new revenue opportunities the system creates and the savings it captures in reduced errors, disputes and call centre costs, Monocura will usually be great value at twice the price. We recommend booking a one-on-one Monocura consultation because in many cases, we can demonstrate cost savings in the first hour of use that will exceed the price of subscription for the entire month.
Easy to train, learn and use
The Monocura cover screen is designed to be intuitive - even fun - to use. Colour coding helps to distinguish jobs accepted, waiting acceptance and completed so your dispatch team will know at a glance if things are running smoothly or you’ve got a problem needing attention. Moving jobs around is as easy as “lift, drag and drop” like the Tetris arcade game you may have played as a child. The idea is to avoid concentrating your company's knowledge in the minds of one or two “experts” by pushing it out across your team to make the whole business more robust.
Internal offload – the “bounce pass” of logistics
Older dispatch systems often lack flexibility to share tasks among workers when events change at short notice (e.g. because the previous job was complex, a flight was cancelled or a driver called in sick). In many businesses, the job roster assembled last night will need to meet a 10-15% variation rate this morning. Managing those variations may consume your most expensive dispatch resources trying to unscramble the egg without burning customers. Monocura takes the stress out of managing variations.
Increased productivity
Many sectors of the economy rely on slow, manual booking and dispatch processes - taking and making phone calls, scribbling post-it notes, filling out spreadsheets, sending text messages and emails, collecting the same data again and again. Monocura automates, accelerates, saves and simplifies those tasks. The system communicates in both directions, telling your dispatch team when an operator is ready for their next job, which helps even out the lumps in availability of service providers and customers needing help. That means your clients get a faster, cheaper, more reliable service while your workforce spends more time earning, less time waiting, manually off-loading and filling out forms.
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Mobile applications
Our fully developed ob dispatch system is ready for any mobile industry application
Designed to be applied to a range of different industries with a need to dispatch jobs to a mobile workforce.
Monocura relies on a Microsoft platform, hosted on an Amazon servers. Client data is securely stored in enterprise grade, ASIO T4 accredited data centres located in Australia.
7/24 hr online support.


Cloud Monkey Pty Limited, is an Australian company owned by the founders who bring over 50 years of combined experience in logistics, software development and legal practice.

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